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New York Knicks Reportedly Exploring Trades For Julius Randle After Pursuing Jalen Brunson

New York Knicks Reportedly Exploring Trades For Julius Randle After Pursuing Jalen Brunson

The New York Knicks are looking to make major changes to their roster in the 2022 offseason. They have already moved four players out of the team to create cap space to sign Jalen Brunson. In addition, they will have to make additional moves to fill out their roster spots and add depth for a playoff push next season.

One of the major questions on the Knicks roster is Julius Randle. After winning Most Improved Players in 2021, Randle had a tough season as the Knicks missed the Playoffs. His fit on the team has been questioned since he signed in 2019. Now that the Knicks have some new pieces to add, could they move Randle as well?

The Knicks filling up their cap this season can end badly for them with RJ Barrett becoming extension eligible. With young players like Obi Toppin and Immanuel Quickley needing to be paid in subsequent seasons, the Randle contract may hamper the Knicks' availability to improve their team. Fred Katz of The Athletic has said the Knicks are looking to move Randle, even if it doesn't happen this summer. 

“The Knicks have inquired with other teams about moving Julius Randle. I’m not optimistic. If you’re somebody who wants them to trade Randle, I wouldn’t predict that’s what happens this summer. We’re talking about like giving him away. Maybe if you take back a contract of equal value.”

Randle is going to earn $23 million this season, with the contract scheduled to expire in 2026. The long-term commitment to Randle is weighing heavy on the team after his slump last season.

The Knicks are better off seeing how the Brunson, Barrett, and Randle mesh together. If it isn't fitting, the Knicks can move Randle to another team and possibly get two role players at that price or move Randle for a player on the same contract. They have plenty of future picks to attach to a Randle trade to incentivize a team to take that contract or flip him with those picks for a disgruntled star.