The Blockbuster Trade Idea: Miami Heat Can Land Brandon Ingram For 5 Players

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The Blockbuster Trade Idea: Miami Heat Can Land Brandon Ingram For 5 Players

The Miami Heat had an underwhelming season when compared to their achievements one year prior. One year removed from making the NBA Finals, the Heat were swept in the first round of the playoffs by the Milwaukee Bucks. Clearly, the franchise needs some more help on the roster.

After starting the season slowly, the Heat finished with the 6th seed in the East. Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo are still All-Star caliber players but the rest of the roster was not much help. Tyler Herro had a disappointing season, Duncan Robinson is just a spot-up shooter, and they had to rely on 36-year old Trevor Ariza in the postseason to defend Giannis Antetokounmpo.

In a blockbuster deal, they should finally decide to trade their young assets for a chance at a third star. The Heat might have missed out on James Harden, but here is the way they can acquire All-Star Brandon Ingram from New Orleans.

Trade Package: Duncan Robinson, Tyler Herro, Kendrick Nunn, Precious Achiuwa, Goran Dragic, a future first-round pick for Brandon Ingram

New Orleans Officially Hand The Keys Of The Franchise To Zion Williamson

The Pelicans are hell-bent on building around Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram together. They are both the franchise cornerstones, and each goes about dominating the game in different ways. Zion is a force down low while Ingram loves his pull-up jumpers from the perimeter. There is no denying they are an extremely talented duo.

But they were not able to lead the Pelicans to the playoffs, instead falling to the 11th seed in the West with a 31-41 record. With head coach Stan Van Gundy out the door, the next step for New Orleans is to finally hand the keys of the franchise to Zion Williamson. Zion is already a superstar who averaged 27.0 PPG and 7.2 RPG for the Pelicans this season and one of the best players in the game. As good as Ingram is, he will never impact the game like the powerhouse Zion Williamson.

For that reason alone, New Orleans Pelicans need to trade Ingram for young assets that can play around Zion rather than take away from him. Williamson needs the ball on almost every possession, and shooting 61.1% from the floor is an indication that he makes the majority of his looks. With sharpshooters Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro, the Pelicans can field a strong team. Tyler Herro, especially, needs a new home to become the star he is capable of becoming rather than stagnating in Miami.

Miami Heat Big Three Could Place Them In The NBA Finals Again

The Miami Heat only needed 2 All-Stars in Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo to reach the Finals last year, along with talented young players. But that might have been a fluke because "The Bubble" was truly an extraordinary circumstance. This year, we might have seen the real Miami Heat. Butler and Adebayo were effective during the regular season, but they couldn't do it again in the postseason.

The Heat needed a third star, but they couldn't pull the trigger on a James Harden deal. They did get Victor Oladipo in the end, but the guard struggled with injuries and he will likely miss the 2022 season. Without their third star, Miami Heat were humiliated by the Bucks in a 4-0 sweep. The Heat need a go-to scorer to allow Butler and Adebayo some room to do what they do best: defend. Brandon Ingram is the answer, as a swingman who put up 23.8 PPG this season.

Ingram can create his own offense, has the size to defend, and is a solid playmaker who averaged 4.9 APG. With Ingram playing in the Miami offense with Butler and Adebayo, they might have enough to make the Finals again. The Heat can lock in on defense, and having a go-to scorer completes their lineup at the expense of Herro and Robinson. Instead of 2 guys who rely on Butler and Adebayo to score, Miami can get the third star they have been dreaming about.