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The Phoenix Suns Have Not Offered Mikal Bridges Or Largest Possible Amount Of First-Round Picks In Kevin Durant Trade, Says NBA Insider

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Kevin Durant's trade request has caused a lot of teams to start scrambling to try and find a way to add him to their roster. There's no doubt that Kevin Durant is a difference-making player, one that can make certain franchises into true contenders while pushing others closer to that status.

A team that is frequently linked to Kevin Durant is the Phoenix Suns. They were on his list of preferred destinations, and even with Deandre Ayton re-signed, they still have a good number of trade assets that they could try to entice the Brooklyn Nets to take for Kevin Durant. They still have an elite 3 and D player in Mikal Bridges and all of their future draft selections. However, Brian Windhorst has recently reported that the Phoenix Suns have not included that maximum amount of draft picks or Mikal Bridges in their Kevin Durant offer. Adam Wells of Bleacher Report relayed Windhorst's words.

On the latest episode of The Hoop Collective podcast, ESPN's Brian Windhorst noted the Suns haven't offered Mikal Bridges and their full boat of allowable first-round draft picks and pick swaps to the Nets.

It was recently reported that the Phoenix Suns, among other teams, are not raising their offers for Kevin Durant because they know that other teams are not raising theirs. There's no doubt that this approach makes sense from the teams' perspective, as nobody wants to send out an insane offer for Kevin Durant if the market isn't there.

It remains to be seen if Kevin Durant will end up on the Phoenix Suns in the future. It is definitely less likely now that Deandre Ayton is back with the Phoenix Suns, but perhaps we'll see the team find a solution. At some point, though, Kevin Durant will likely be traded, but the question is which franchise he ends up going to.