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10 Best Scorers In Los Angeles Lakers History: LeBron James, Kobe Bryant And Shaquille O'Neal Are In The Top 5

10 Best Scorers In Los Angeles Lakers History: LeBron James, Kobe Bryant And Shaquille O'Neal Are In The Top 5

The Los Angeles Lakers franchise have had some of the greatest superstar players compete for the franchise throughout history. The Purple and Gold have always been an attractive franchise, mainly because it has always been one of the best-run sports franchises of all time and the fact it is located in sunny California.

Throughout Lakers' history, the franchise have had some elite talent whether they come in the form of scorers, leaders, or playmakers. It is time to continue our series of the best scorers in franchise history, this time we focus on the Los Angeles (Minneapolis) Lakers. The Lakers are the greatest franchise ever in professional basketball, considering the fact that they have won the most NBA titles (tied with the Boston Celtics) with 17. Also, most of the top-10 players of all time consist of Lakers players, an indication of the prestige of this all-time great franchise. Here are the greatest scorers in Los Angeles Lakers' history.

10. Magic Johnson - 19.5 PPG

(13 Seasons, 1980-1991, 1996)

Magic Johnson

The undisputed greatest point guard of all time, Magic Johnson completed every season of his career with the Los Angeles Lakers. The superstar was not only a terrific all-around player but one of the greatest passers and floor generals of all time. A 5-time NBA champion, Magic accomplished everything in the NBA at the highest level.

But Magic was a capable scorer as well, even if his greatest attribute was his playmaking ability. The 5-time champion was oversized at 6’9”, and often used his strength and size to punish opposing guards in the post and had a strong hook shot along with a solid post-game.

9. Cedric Ceballos - 20.2 PPG

(3 Seasons, 1995-1997)

Cedric Ceballos

After getting drafted No. 48 overall in 1990 by the Phoenix Suns, Cedric Ceballos would complete four seasons with the franchise before moving onto the Los Angeles Lakers franchise. Upon his arrival to his new team, Ceballos made his only All-Star Team with the Lakers by averaging 21.7 PPG and 8.0 RPG.

The following year, Ceballos dropped 21.2 PPG and 6.9 RPG on 53.0% shooting from the field. The talented small forward clearly had a knack for getting buckets, and his first two seasons with the Lakers would be an indication of what the man could do when given the opportunities.

8. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - 20.4 PPG

(14 Seasons, 1976 - 1989)

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Arguably the most dominant and accomplished center ever, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar made his name with the Milwaukee Bucks by winning an NBA championship but his fame truly came with the Los Angeles Lakers. The center had the single most unstoppable shot in NBA history and used it to terrorize defenders every year.

Kareem won 2 scoring titles with the Bucks within his first 3 NBA seasons, and even if he would not repeat these performances, he would average over 20 PPG for 11 straight seasons with the Purple and Gold. The legendary center also helped form one of the greatest teams ever in LA with Magic Johnson by his side.

7. George Mikan - 23.1 PPG

(7 Seasons, 1949-1954, 1956)

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

A 6’10” center that was considered the league’s first true superstar, it was only fitting that George Mikan started his career with the Lakers. The dominant big man started his first 3 seasons of his career by winning 3 straight scoring titles and would follow that up with 2 straight seasons leading the league in rebounds.

Mikan also won 5 championships in 6 years, using his incredible size and dominance in the post to destroy defenders. Even if George was benefitting from playing against smaller players who did not have his size, the big man was still incredibly dominant and should be mentioned among the all-time great bigs far more often.

6. Anthony Davis - 24.1 PPG

(3 Seasons, 2020-2022)

Anthony Davis

After becoming one of the most talented players in the NBA with the New Orleans Hornets/Pelicans, Anthony Davis was involved in one of the biggest blockbuster deals in recent memory when the Lakers acquired him to pair with LeBron James. Davis helped the Lakers win the championship in his first season, averaging 26.1 PPG in the regular season.

Davis is a unique talent because he has the size to be dominant and the skills of a guard, making him one of the most complete offensive players we have seen. While guys like Tim Duncan and Karl Malone are greater all-time power forwards, it is hard to deny that Davis has the more complete offensive game than both of them.

5. Kobe Bryant - 25.0 PPG

(20 Seasons, 1997-2016)

Kobe Bryant

Quite possibly the greatest Laker of all time and a top-two shooting guard of all time, Kobe Bryant accomplished everything in the game of basketball while wearing the Purple and Gold jersey. A dominant offensive player, Bryant had every move and counter-move in the book. Simply, there was no single way to contain Bryant when he got going.

Bryant dropped the second-highest point total in a single game with 81, and also won 2 scoring titles with the Lakers. Kobe made no apologies for wanting to take every shot on the court, and he was the man to take matters into his hands in the clutch. Arguably the greatest scorer ever alongside Michael Jordan, Kobe is also the greatest scoring talent in the Lakers' history.

4. LeBron James - 27.0 PPG

(4 Seasons, 2019-2022)

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An all-time great player who is mainly known as a Cleveland Cavaliers legend, LeBron James joined the Lakers in 2019 with the hopes of finishing his career with arguably the greatest franchise ever. A pass-first player, there is no denying that The King is also an unstoppable offensive player.

Thanks to his incredible size and athleticism, James cannot be stopped when he attacks the rim and has also developed a consistent outside jumper. Even in his later years, James is still an unstoppable offensive presence on the floor and he almost won his second career scoring title at age 37 - something that would have been magical.

3. Jerry West - 27.030 PPG

(14 Seasons, 1961-1974)

Jerry West

Jerry West is the NBA’s logo for the reason he was one of the most dominant guards of all time. For some reason, West always seems to get disrespected in all-time rankings because he has a strong argument for being the greatest shooting guard ever behind Michael and Kobe. An elite shooter and passer West accomplished 14 All-Star appearances and a scoring title.

Jerry West shot a career 47.4% from the field and 81.4% from the free-throw line, strong numbers for an outside shooter back in the 60s and 70s. Had West played today, he would have been an even greater scorer but is still top-3 all-time in Lakers history in scoring.

2. Shaquille O’Neal - 27.033 PPG

(8 Seasons, 1997-2004)

Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal has to be the most dominant physical specimen since Wilt Chamberlain because there was no answer for him during his days with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Purple and Gold acquired the superstar center and would go on to win 3 championships in 4 Finals appearances between 2000-2004. Alongside Kobe Bryant, Shaq created a dynasty in LA.

O’Neal did not make the game look pretty, but he was certainly effective. He would run into the post, call for the ball, and force the ball into the basket. Armed with a hook on either side and incredible aggressiveness, Shaq was not only bigger than defenders but hungrier to dominate. Only one man is ahead of Shaq as the all-time scorer in LA history, and that is Elgin Baylor.

1. Elgin Baylor - 27.4 PPG

(14 Seasons, 1959-1972)

Elgin Baylor

One of the greatest players in NBA history to have never won a ring, Elgin Baylor was incredibly dominant as a member of the Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers because he was more physically blessed and skilled than most at his position. That is why Baylor ranks 3rd all-time in the highest PPG average.

Elgin averaged over 24 PPG for 11 seasons and had seasons of posting 38.3 PPG, 34.8 PPG, and 34.0 PPG with the Lakers. The superstar small forward had almost every offensive skill in the book, capable of going off in the half-court and also in transition. Baylor will likely hold the highest PPG average in Lakers history because there might not be another player who could put up over 38 PPG in a single season.

Most Points In Los Angeles Lakers History

Here are the ten players with the most total points in Los Angeles Lakers history:

1. Kobe Bryant - 33,643

2. Jerry West - 25,192

3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - 24,176

4. Elgin Baylor - 23,149

5. Magic Johnson - 17,707

6. James Worthy - 16,320

7. Shaquille O'Neal - 13,895

8. Gail Goodrich - 13,044

9. Byron Scott - 12,780

10. Jamaal Wilkes - 10,601


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