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1996 USA Dream Team: Where Are They Now?

1996 USA Dream Team: Where Are They Now?

On August 3, 1996, Team USA became Dream Team 2.0. The Olympic team followed the footsteps of their predecessor by winning another gold medal with a 95-69 win over Yugoslavia. Led by Hall of Fame coach Lenny Wilkens, the team cruised through the Olympics with a perfect 8-0 record, with wins on average of 32.3 points.

The 1996 team featured five holdovers from the 1992 team in Scottie Pippen, David Robinson, Karl Malone, John Stockton, and Charles Barkley. Along with Reggie Miller, Shaquille O’Neal, Gary Payton, Hakeem Olajuwon, Grant Hill, Mitch Richmond, and Penny Hardaway, the team was purely unstoppable.

It’s been almost 26 years since we saw this team. These former stars have stayed busy since the last stepping on a basketball court. Here is where they are now.

Mitch Richmond (Analyst)

Mitch Richmond

As of November 2019, Richmond kept his connection with the Sacramento Kings. In 2014, he was named a Hall of Famer for his efforts in his career. His prime seasons came with the franchise. Richmond spent seven seasons with the Kings and eventually joined the front office. He then joined NBC Sports California as the team’s pregame and postgame analyst before the 2019-2020 season.

Joining as an analyst came at the cost of giving up his assistant men’s basketball position at St. John’s University. He was an assistant to former teammate Chris Mullin. Among other ventures, Richmond watched his son, Phillip, play basketball as a walk-on for the Oregon Ducks from 2014 to 2016.

Penny Hardaway (Memphis Basketball Coach)

Penny Hardaway (Memphis Basketball Coach)

Hardaway’s coaching career began in 2011 when he took over as the middle school basketball coach at Lester Middle School, his alma mater. His friend Desmond Merriweather was undergoing treatment for colon cancer. He coached the Lester Lions to the West Tennessee state title with a 58-57 win, finishing the season 28-3.

Fast forward to today, Hardway was hired as his college alma mater, Memphis, on March 19, 2018. He replaced Tubby Smith and led the Tigers to the NIT in his first season. He has helped Memphis grow to an elite program by landing high-rated prospects such as James Wiseman, D.J. Jeffries, Boogie Ellis, and Precious Achiuwa.

Grant Hill (Broadcaster)

Grant Hill

Hill began his broadcasting career in 2013 on NBA Inside Stuff on NBA TV. He also contributed for CBS as a broadcaster, where he served on the Final Four team for the NCAA Tournament last season. Hill has been a part of the lead announcing team for CBS and Turner Sports’ joint coverage of March Madness since 2015 with Jim Nantz and Bill Raftery.

Hill is also a part-owner of the Atlanta Hawks. On June 24, 2015, Hill was a part of a group, headlined by Ton Ressler, that bought the franchise for $850 million. Recently, Hill was approved by the USA Basketball Board of Directors as the next managing director of the team.

Reggie Miller (Analyst)

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In August 2005, Miller joined TNT as an NBA analyst. He remains a key analyst during games for the network. In 2011, he joined the coverage of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship tournament. Miller has sat alongside longtime broadcaster Marv Albert.

Among other ventures, Miller nearly joined the 2007 Celtics when the team acquired Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. Miller would have played a reserve role, but at 42 years old, he decided against the comeback. He made an appearance in the 2018 movie Uncle Drew and was voted to the USA Cycling Board of Directors in 2020.

Gary Payton (Lincoln Basketball Coach)

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Payton has been trying to bring basketball back to Seattle, where he played the majority of his career with the SuperSonics. Outside of those aspirations, he serves as the men’s basketball coach at Lincoln, which has launched collegiate athletics for the first time in its 101-year history. The team is based in his hometown of Oakland, California.

Payton was the coach of Jairren Lillard, the younger brother of Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard, as well as Isaiah Attles, the grandson of Golden State Warriors Hall of Famer Al Attles. The team is currently a non-NCAA Division I, but Payton has long-term plans to have the team compete at a high level. Payton recently coached the 3 Headed Monster in the Big 3 Basketball League in July.

John Stockton (Coach/Family Man)

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Following his retirement, Stockton moved back to his hometown of Spokane. He started coaching youth teams and then helping out with the Utah Jazz to train both Deron Williams and Trey Burke. Stockton released an autobiography in 2013 called Assisted, which featured his longtime teammate Karl Malone.

On October 27, 2015, Stockton joined the Montana State University women’s basketball team as an assistant coach. As of now, he remains a season ticket holder for the Gonzaga men’s basketball team, but he was recently suspended for his refusal to comply with the school’s mask mandate. From what it looks like, he keeps a low profile, watches basketball, and spends time with his family.

Charles Barkley (TNT Analyst)

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Since 2000, Barkley has served as a studio analyst for TNT. He appears on the pre-game, halftime, and postgame shows. The show Inside the NBA has been the highlight of his television career. He has won four Sports Emmy Awards for “Outstanding Studio Analyst” for his work.

Barkley has also served as a studio analyst for the joint coverage of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. He has broadcast every Final Four since 2011. Barkley has also made appearances at football games, as well as frequent visits to radio shows to give NBA insight.

David Robinson (Businessman)

David Robinson

Robinson made about $118 million during his NBA career and managed to turn that “small” fortune into even more. Robinson launched the private equity fund called Admiral Capital. The fund raised $115 million after its 2007 launch. The company then went on to acquire $350 million worth of real estate assets.

While his real estate decisions paid off, he was able to invest in the Spurs. In 2004, he purchased a 1.88 percent equity stake in the Spurs, the team he helped win championships in 1999 and 2003. The Spurs are worth about $1.8 billion, so it has turned into a lot of money. Outside of that, he has been very active in charity work, where he has been a part of several projects.

Scottie Pippen (Author)

Scottie Pippen

Pippen made a name for himself with the Chicago Bulls, winning six championships with Michael Jordan. Pippen returned to the Bulls in 2010 as a team ambassador. He was then named a senior advisor to the team in 2012. However, he was dismissed as a public relations ambassador in 2020 after he and the Bulls could not come to a contract agreement allowing him to make regular TV appearances.

Pippen has come under fire lately. After disagreeing with his appearance on “The Last Dance,” he wrote a book called Unguarded that said that Michael Jordan ruined basketball. It brought a lot of attention to the relationship of the two-star Bulls players and has drawn criticism from current and past NBA players.

Karl Malone (Businessman)

Karl Malone

Malone briefly spent some time coaching basketball. In 2007, he was named the director of basketball promotion and assistant strength and conditioning coach at Louisiana Tech University. He worked with the Utah Jazz as a big man coach in 2013. While basketball was a major part of his life, he has turned over to the business world.

Malone has spent time owning three restaurants in Ruston, Louisiana. He also owns two car dealerships, one in Utah with the other in Louisiana. He previously owned a dealership in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but sold his share in 2010. Malone also owns three Jiffy Lube franchises in Utah, as well as being a part-owner of Burger King franchises in Utah and Idaho.

Hakeem Olajuwon (Real Estate)

Hakeem Olajuwon

You will occasionally see Olajuwon working with players with the Houston Rockets, but where he has succeeded the most since leaving basketball is the real estate world. Olajuwon began working in the business while he played. He would take some of his annual salaries and set them aside for real estate investments. Olajuwon’s faith makes him approach the business differently. As a Muslim, Olajuwon does not borrow money for his acquisitions as it is against Islamic law to pay or charge interest. It can make the investments more expensive but has no credit risks.

This strategy allowed Olajuwon to be in a better position during down markets when debt-laden borrows might be impacted by interest payments. By 2006, Olajuwon had 25 investments that had grown to be worth $100 million. In the NBA, Olajuwon made about $114 million in total. With his money, he bought a 41-care property near NASA’s Johnson Space Center and turned it into a retirement community. Among his other investments, he owns parking garages, apartment complexes, commercial buildings, and single-family homes. 

Shaquille O’Neal (Analyst/Businessman)

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O’Neal has been a member of Turner Network Television as an analyst since 2011, joining Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley. The crew has been nominated and has won Emmy awards for their show Inside the NBA. The banter between O’Neal and Barkley has been seen as one of the staples of the show.

O’Neal has also been an active businessman and investor. He has made major investments in companies General Electric, Apple, PepsiCo, NRG Esports, and the technology startup Loyale 3 Holdings Inc. He eventually bought a share of the Sacramento Kings in 2014 but sold his share in January 2022. He was the spokesperson for Krispy Kreme in 2016 and joined the board of directors for Papa Johns in 2019.


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