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5 Shooters Who Could Help LeBron James And The Los Angeles Lakers

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

LeBron James with shooters is more dangerous than disgruntled parents after a bad report card. James needs guys that can play off the ball and operate in a system based on space.

The space LeBron helps create through his drives and skills with facilitating. Here are possible shooters the Lakers should look to add in free agency.

5. Kyle Korver

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Korver had some of his best success playing alongside LeBron. The deadly sniper is definitely at the point where he needs to be ring chasing. The plan for Korver is to play at least two more years. At 38 years old, the veteran wing could easily be added on a cheap deal for a year or 2. The Lakers are building something and an arguably top 5 three point shooter of all time is more than welcome.

4. Darius Miller

Darius Miller

Miller is a 6’8 flamethrower from distance. The ability to get a solid 3 and D player should entice the Lakers. Miller could be a primary backup for Kuzma or LeBron. The wing is a career 38% three point shooter. A low cost, high reward signing is exactly what the Lakers need. Miller will make some team happy this summer, why not the Lakers?

3. Seth Curry

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This is the only time we might be able to say LeBron could get to play with a Curry in his career. Seth Curry of course, but it could be an amazing fit. Curry reminds me of shooters like Mo Williams, Daniel Gibson, and Delly that have thrived playing off the ball in a LeBron run system. A 45% three-point shooter does not come within the grasp of suitors often. If Portland fails to entice him, then the Lakers must strike. Could be LeBron’s new favorite shooter.

2. J.J. Redick

Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Redick could very well depend on a hefty paycheck in one of his last deals. The skilled 3 and D vet is 35 going on 36. The focus for him should be on a Championship. Philadelphia could be close, but maybe Redick is not as confident in what they are building? Playing next to LeBron is amazing for any shooter, Redick could put together a 40/50/90 campaign playing off of LeBron. Would Redick take a pay cut to possibly win a championship? Legacy or a money bag?

1. Nikola Mirotic

Nikola Mirotic

Mirotic is an excellent fit and the perfect stretch 4 that LeBron would thrive with. Much like the success, LeBron had with the likes of Chris Bosh, Channing Frye, and Kevin Love over the years. Mirotic is like a poor man's Kevin Love. Limited defensively, but a streaky yet excellent marksman. Mirotic is capable of winning games for the Lakers just based on his ability to take over a game with his shooting.

It’s a shooters league. LeBron needs shooters to thrive. Guys that can space the floor like these 5 would be essential difference makers for LA. The Clippers could be on the prowl for some of these guys as could the Nets and Philly. Teams with cap space want floor spacers and Lakers need to pounce quick or regret it.

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