LeBron James Is Still The Best Player In The NBA Even Though He Is 36 Years Old

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LeBron James Is Still The Best Player In The NBA Even Though He Is 36 Years Old

Everyone knew that LeBron James was going to be a special player when he was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers. James is a unique player who blends athleticism and basketball IQ to create easy baskets for his teammates. LeBron James is the smartest player in the league and has shown incredible longevity. There is no doubt that this season, LeBron James is going to lead the Lakers in competing for another championship.

As a player, LeBron James has aged like fine wine. Every year, the critics ask whether LeBron James has started to decline. James answered those critics by winning the championship during the 2019-20 season. LeBron James is still the player to beat this season, and with the addition of Dennis Schroder and Montrezl Harrell, the Lakers look like the favorites once again. LeBron James is still the best player in the league and will be in the competition for MVP once again.

LeBron James Has Elite Longevity

LeBron James has continued to cement his reputation as the best player in the world due to the lack of decline that his game has faced. His stats this year aren't eye-popping for a LeBron James season: 24.2 PPG, 8.3 RPG, 7.5 APG. However, the Lakers have been winning, and they currently sit at the top of the Western Conference with a 9-3 record. LeBron James knows that he doesn't have to play his hardest until the postseason starts: with Dennis Schroder, Anthony Davis, and Montrezl Harrell, James has teammates who can score the basketball and take some of the load off of him.

LeBron James is a player who has garnered respect from his peers, and anyone who knows basketball knows the amount of work that James puts into his craft. He is one of the hardest-working players in the league, and in the video, Chris Paul laughs off anyone who thinks LeBron James is going to start declining any time soon: he stays ready for the playoffs and takes the long term outlook on things. No-one wants to be an elite-regular season team only to fizzle out in the playoffs. LeBron James plays well enough to get a top seed in the conference but hits a whole other level when it comes to the playoffs.

LeBron James is clearly one of the most athletic and resilient players in the NBA. He shows up to every game where he is needed, and the fact that he is one of the oldest players in the league, while also playing the most games per season is just a testament to his greatness. LeBron James will have a case to be the GOAT just due to longevity alone, and if he wins a few more rings, he could be in consideration for being the best player ever. James is an ironman, and his basketball ability has not waned over the last 17 years. LeBron James is still at the top of the pyramid, and it remains to be seen who can topple him.

LeBron James' Basketball IQ Is Unreal

LeBron James is probably one of the smartest players when it comes to playing the playoffs. Many people have talked about their inability to beat LeBron James in the playoffs because it seems like James turns it up a few notches. For years, James was known as the 'King of the East' due to his absolute dominance of the Conference. One of the teams that failed to beat LeBron James was the Toronto Raptors. During those times, the Raptors were led by DeMar DeRozan. On a recent podcast, DeRozan talked about why it's tough to win against LeBron James.

DeRozan talks about a specific instance in the playoffs where LeBron James demonstrated his ability to read any play on the basketball court.

I remember it was a play we was trying to run, and one of our teammates forgot the play and Bron told him the play... told him what our play was.

LeBron James is able to analyze a play in real-time and in turn tell his teammates what to do. JJ Redick and DeMar DeRozan also mention that LeBron James knows everything about a team and the players' strengths and weaknesses. That sort of dedication is the sort that makes an all-time great, and LeBron James is essentially a basketball computer. LeBron James makes the right move every time, and he is able to dissect any play and any opponent.

LeBron James Will Have Another Successful Season

LeBron James currently has similar statistics to his other seasons, but he is scoring less and assisting less than last season. However, that can be explained by the addition of Dennis Schroder, who can take some of the regular season playmaking duty off of James' shoulders. As mentioned before, the regular season isn't LeBron James' main concern. The postseason is where players make their name: LeBron James is focused on winning rings.

Alex Caruso mentions that it is his opinion that LeBron James is the greatest basketball player to ever play. Caruso compares James to a seasoned coach in the NBA. LeBron James knows what it takes to win, and he will empower his teammates to do the same. James has helped Anthony Davis and many other teammates win their first championship.

LeBron James is a student of the game, and as he gets older and his athleticism slowly starts fading, he will make up for it with his continued knowledge of basketball. LeBron James has a legitimate case to be a top-two player of all-time, and he is still currently the best player in the NBA. Expect the Lakers to make another run at the championship, and for James to bolster his legacy even further.


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