The GOAT Comparison: Michael Jordan vs. Tom Brady

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The GOAT Comparison: Michael Jordan vs. Tom Brady

Every sport has a player that is widely considered the GOAT. The GOAT is the greatest of all-time, someone whose legacy cannot be destroyed. A GOAT is so dominant that people never bet against them, no matter how good the opponent. That player would also rise up through the challenges, and step forward when it is most difficult.

With Tom Brady recently winning the Superbowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, one can't help but compare his triumph to an athlete from basketball, Michael Jordan. Jordan and Brady are widely considered to be the GOATs in their respective sports, and of course, their legacies will always be compared. Here is a detailed comparison between the two.

Michael Jordan - NBA GOAT

Michael Jordan is widely considered the GOAT in the sport of basketball. Jordan's six championships are talked about in revered tones, and his undefeated Finals record speaks for itself. Six championships and two three-peats easily make the most dominant stretch in NBA history. Jordan's dominant translated from the regular season to the playoffs, and there was no big game where Jordan didn't perform. Jordan's 5 MVP and 6 Finals MVP awards clearly show his ability to perform over the course of a season, but also under the biggest spotlight. Michael Jordan's accolades provide a clear picture of why he is widely considered the GOAT.

Jordan's best trait was his scoring: he was elite in every basketball skill, but scoring was the greatest tool in his arsenal. Jordan was a three-level scorer who thrived in isolation. Jordan had an arsenal of midrange moves, and also possessed otherworldly athleticism that let him get to the rim at will. He developed a 3PT shot later into his career, and eventually became the most complete scorer of all-time. Michael Jordan led the league in scoring ten times during his career, which highlights just how unstoppable he was to defenses of that era.

Michael Jordan stepped up when it mattered. We have plenty of evidence of that, and he never needed a Game 7 to close out an opponent in the Finals. Michael Jordan has all the accolades and the performances to be considered the NBA GOAT, and his legacy is immortal.

Tom Brady - NFL GOAT

Tom Brady is undoubtedly the NFL GOAT. With the recent win against the Kansas City Chiefs, he is the first player ever to win seven NFL championships. Six of them were with the Patriots, and this is the seventh. This seems like a great way for Tom Brady to add to his legacy if that wasn't already enough to convince people that he's the GOAT of American football. Tom Brady has only 3 regular season MVPs which clearly doesn't speak fully of his value. Tom Brady is easily the best quarterback in the game when it comes to the playoffs.

Brady was the AP Offensive Player of the year 2 times in his career: that just shows how influential he is as an offensive powerhouse. As long as his receivers are good, then chances are that Brady will throw pass touchdowns. Antonio Brown and Mike Evans are both skilled players and have helped Brady throughout this season, leading to a successful season for the Buccaneers. Tom Brady has never posted a negative regular-season record during his career and that illustrates how dominant he can be. His win percentage is 0.764, and it is greater even than Jordan's 0.659. Tom Brady is a winner, plain and simple.

Tom Brady has made waves around the world by winning his seventh championship. Some people have called him the most winning player in any sport. Tom Brady has cemented his legacy not just in football, but around the world, by winning his seventh championship.


The comparison between the two GOATs is warranted to the extreme. Both have dominated their sports and won multiple championships. Brady's seven championships are spread throughout his career, making him a consistent winner, while Michael Jordan's peak was more dominant, with two three-peats in the middle of his career. They are both players who have defined their sport for a generation, and their influence as athletes cannot be understated.

Michael Jordan has a lot of regular-season accolades compared to Tom Brady: 5 MVPs compared to Brady's 3 MVPs, and 11 All-NBA selections to Brady's five All-Pro selections. But Tom Brady has achieved something that Jordan didn't, and that is winning a record-breaking seventh ring. It is hard to compare two GOATs to each other, as they both play different sports: but one thing that both possessed was a clear stranglehold over their respective league during their careers.


At the end of the day, both Tom Brady and Michael Jordan are masters of their respective sports. Both have mastered what it means to win at the highest level, and their ability to find wins continued fairly late into their careers. Their careers will forever be remembered by sports fans, and future players will receive comparisons to them in order to determine their greatness. Tom Brady and Michael Jordan are both GOATs with an enduring legacy, and their championships will forever be held as an example of what happens when one completely masters a sport.

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