NBA fans may not be able to agree on who the greatest of all time is, but they can sure agree that Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James are three of the best ever to play the game. All three superstars have found success in the postseason and have a combined total of 14 championships.

Chris Broussard has found an interesting statistic these three stars and how they perform in the dying seconds of close playoffs games. Broussard has compared the three stars on the potential go-ahead shots in the last five second of matches in the postseason.

Michael Jordan has hit an impressive 5 from 11 which equals 45%, three of these baskets being buzzer beaters. LeBron James has one up on Jordan with hitting 6 from 13 which equals 46%, four of those shots being buzzer beaters. Broussard then points out that Kobe Bryant has missed most of them.

This may be one of the reasons why many believe that Kobe isn’t quite at the level of MJ and LeBron. Whether that means anything in terms of being the greatest of all time, that comes down to just a matter of opinion.

All three superstars of the game have shown how clutch they can be whether it’s in the Finals, the playoffs or just a regular season match. They have a combined total of 10 Finals MVP awards which shows just how dominant of players they can be when the heat is on the line.

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