(via Fadeaway World)

With Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzings, the Mavericks have a core that can compete for years to come.

But even with their current roster, the Mavs have big plans for the summer of 2021. According to Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer, they are targetting some major players in next year’s free agency.

“If the Mavs wait until 2021, they could have enough cap space to pursue a max free agent, depending on what the salary cap is. Plan A remains Giannis and Plan B could be Rudy Gobert. Even if Giannis and Gobert go elsewhere, the 2021 class still could include Gordon Hayward and Jrue Holiday.”

As two of the top players in the game, Giannis and Gobert would make the Mavericks instant favorites in the West. And if Dallas is really targetting them, they clearly have big ambitions for the future.

Currently, Dallas stands 5th in the West with a 28-16 record. With a solid roster, brilliant front-office, and rich culture, you can expect them to be major contenders for any free agent looking for greener pastures.

If the situation falls apart with their respective teams, expect the Mavs to be major players in the hunt for star-power. As good as they are now, a superteam could be in the works for Mark Cuban and the franchise.