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Even though this season the Golden State Warriors are anything but the team they were during the last five years, somehow they remain relevant in the league and especially their biggest star, Stephen Curry.

The point guard has seen how things have changed in the league after one of the most entertaining summers ever, with his team being relegated to a not-so-important position in the Western Conference.

It’s not a secret that the Los Angeles Lakers are seen as the biggest favorites to win the NBA title next June, and Curry is well aware of that.

In fact, he’s claimed the Lakers will make the Finals this year. Against who? Well, there is only one team with a better record than the Purple and Gold right now, which is the team Steph picked as their rivals.

Curry recently joined the All the Smoke podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson and he had a bold prediction for the Milwaukee Bucks and Lakers.

“If I was betting right now… maybe the Lakers and Milwaukee,” Curry said when asked who he had making the NBA Finals.

That is a big possibility right now, as the Lakers are the rulers of the West without much competition. It’s the same for the Bucks, but if we take a deep look, the Lakers will have a worse path to the Finals than Milwaukee, especially considering the Clippers also have a huge bid to claim the NBA trophy.

This is a bold prediction for Curry, but Anthony Davis and LeBron James have done great together so far. Perhaps we have to get ready to see Giannis going against the two-headed monster that the Lakers are right now.

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