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Kawhi Leonard’s hands have been the subject of admiration and surprise thanks to their size, but even now that he’s been around for a long time, people still get shocked by Leonard’s ‘claws’.

For instance, the Los Angeles Clippers recently shared a picture of Leonard touching Paul George’s hand and the difference between them is huge.

This is not the only time we’ve seen this, though, as Leonard has shown his hands are big in comparison to his body. We saw him comparing his hands to Shaquille O’Neal’s; there are also pictures of him blocking LeBron James thanks to those big claws that serve him to wrap the basketball like it’s a baseball.

Credit: LACLippers/Tw

Credit: Basketball Forever

Even though he’s well known for being one of the best two-way players in the league, Leonard’s hands have contributed to his fame, getting a nickname and a logo after his huge hands.

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