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We’re hours away from the trade deadline and rumors are unstoppable at this point. Several teams are trying to make the right moves to compete for a playoff spot and to improve their bid for the championship and there is a franchise that could do a lot before the deadline strikes this Thursday.

According to Miami Heat insider Greg Leif Sylvander, Erik Spoelstra’s team has expressed interest in Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green. However, Sylvander admits there are some things they need to sort out before making this deal a reality.

Moreover, that doesn’t seem to be the end for the Heat, as they reportedly are very interested in acquiring Green’s services and, according to Sylvander, the player is well aware of such interest.

It remains to be seen how they will make this move happen, but if they do, Miami will surely put themselves in a great position to compete in the East. They already have Jimmy Butler as their top player; adding Green, one of the best defenders in the league would be a terrific move for them.

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