Bronny James was recently announced as a new member of ‘FaZe Clan,’ an eSports organization. Bronny is well known for being an avid video game fan, even streaming some video games on Twitch. Some people believe this will become a distraction for Bronny but the teenager made sure to play down those comments. Doing other activities shouldn’t separate him from his main goal, which is becoming a professional basketball player.

He is only 15 and at that age, you have plenty of hobbies. However, this is very serious, FaZe Clan is a big name in eSports and this move will make them more popular now. They must know that Bronny has other plans for his life but still welcomed him with open arms. Bronny took to Instagram to make it clear that his goal remains the same and nothing is distracting him.

“Me joining FazE don’t change anything. Don’t think it’s sweet. I’m still locked, coming for heads,” Bronny wrote.

His father, LeBron James, reacted to this, showing support to his son. “Straight up Simba,” Bron wrote, lauding his kid.

Credit: IG/kingjames

Just like his father, Bronny will have more things to do besides basketball. The main focus will remain on the court, but that doesn’t mean he has to forget about anything else in order to be successful.