(via Lakers Daily)

As he secured his fourth NBA Championship, LeBron James looked into an empty arena and delivered a message for all of his doubters…

No player in basketball history has endured the criticism and slander that “King” James faces on a daily basis in his quest to become the greatest basketballer ever. So, with no shortage of enemies, it seems No. 23 is doing all he can to dismiss their narratives.

Unfortunately, the Championship may still isn’t quite enough to solidify his claim as the NBA’s GOAT. In an appearance on ESPN’s First Take, Lakers legend Magic Johnson explained why:

“If he gets that next one, it’s going to be hard not to say he’s right there with MJ,” Johnson said. “I said the next one, which will be five [NBA titles] because with six [for Jordan] and four [for James], it’s hard to say he’s overtaken Michael at four championships. Once he wins and repeats — the key word here is repeat — that’s a good argument right there.”

Apparently, the gap between four titles and six is too much for Bron to overtake Jordan in Magic’s eyes. In fact, even with another title win next season, Johnson only said he’d consider James “equal” to Mike, not necessarily better.

As much as LeBron and his fans want the argument to finally be over, there will always be a split when it comes to the GOAT debate. All LeBron can do at this point is put his head down and win some more.

The good news for him is that he should have Anthony Davis to help him out with that for at least the next few years to come…

“I am positive Anthony Davis is coming back,” Johnson said. “This has been the greatest situation for Anthony Davis and the Lakers. Anthony Davis is known across the world now because of the platform of the Lakers. And then, him and LeBron again next season, man, they can repeat.”

It sounds like talks of a repeat are already underway in Lakerland, and who better to lead that charge than Earvin Magic Johnson ( a 12x All-Star, 3x MVP, and 5x NBA Champion himself)?

“At the end of the day, the Lakers will still be the team to beat. I think if Golden State is healthy, I’m not sure if they’re going to keep that second pick or not, they will be the second team. I think Denver, the way they finished, and Murray, and Jokic, I think they’ll be the third team. And then the Clippers will probably be the fourth team.

Now, with the experience the Lakers got, all those guys will come back and be better this season.”

If LeBron had his way, he’d be right back with the trophy next year, and the year after that. But winning twice in a row is never easy, and James knows that better than anyone.