The GOAT debate has been one of the hottest topics in the NBA during this whole year. After ESPN premiered their award-winning docu-series ‘The Last Dance’ about Michael Jordan and his successful tenure with the Chicago Bulls in the 90s, plenty of fans started to make the case for either Jordan or LeBron James as the greatest player of all time.

Now that James won his fourth NBA championship, the debate has been brought up by plenty of fans again. LeBron has stated he leaves that matter to the media and the fans to discuss, while Jordan has clarified that it’s unfair to compare players from different eras to say this or that is the best of all time. Well, another person to say that is Dwyane Wade, one of LeBron James’ best teammates and good friends, who happens to be a huge admirer of Jordan.

Wade recently explained why it doesn’t matter who is the GOAT because we will never see another LeBron James or another Michael Jordan and we should really appreciate the things we witnessed with MJ and what we’re witnessing with Bron now.

“When we talk about the GOAT conversations, it doesn’t matter who is the GOAT. He (James) is one-of-one, we will never see another him, we will never see another him, we will never see another Jordan, we will never see another Kareem. No one will ever win 11 championships like Bill Russell. Or I think. Maybe one day somebody will win 12. I just want to enjoy watching and I told LeBron this; this is the first time I’ve ever watched you as a real fan. This is the first time I’ve watched him as a total fan and I texted him, I said ‘bro, you’re f—ing good,” like he’s an animal; he’s one of the best basketball players that’s ever played the game because of the way he plays the game. You know not many players have ever played the game the way he does it and it’s just special to watch.”

D-Wade has the utmost respect for his good friend and his basketball idol. He knows we are in front of two of the most talented and competitive athletes not only in NBA history but sports in general. There won’t ever be another LeBron James or Michael Jordan, but people are so focused on shading them that miss the quality and greatness they have brought and shown on the hardwoods.