Dwight Howard is now part of the Philadelphia 76ers after agreeing to a one-year deal with the team. Howard had a very entertaining Friday, hinting what his next move was going to be before deciding something completely different and joining the Sixers.

Howard tweeted that he was going to remain with the Lakers; he deleted the tweet quickly, leaving fans wondering what happened with the player. A couple of hours later, Shams Charania of The Athletic announced that Howard was headed to Philadelphia after signing a one-year deal with the franchise.

Of course, this came as a big surprise for the Lakers and their fans. D-12 had just committed to the Lakers before he signed with Philly and Lakers fans took offense to it. NBA Twitter exploded after this and everybody had something to say about this situation.

The Lakers ultimately signed Montrezl Harrell, which is seen as an upgrade to Howard. Harrell is way better than Dwight on the offensive end and he will be comfortable coming off the bench to replace Anthony Davis. Howard finished last season as a very valuable piece for the Lakers; now he’s a detractor and everything about him is bad. Well, he left as an NBA champion and that is certainly a victory.