LeBron James’ son could be coming into the league in 2023. As the son of LeBron James, Bronny will have the world’s eyes on him, and every team will probably be interested. LeBron James was the next big thing out of high school after all, and his son will be no different. While it is unfair for Bronny James to garner huge expectations due to his parentage, they will be there simply due to the name.

Bronny has the potential to succeed in the NBA: while he may not become a GOAT tier NBA player, Bronny James could easily become someone who has a long and successful career. LeBron James would be an older veteran by the time Bronny comes into the league, and perhaps he could choose to help him along on his journey. Recently he stated that his shorter 2-year extension was so that he would “have options”, by 2023 which is coincidentally when Bronny could be eligible to play.

The older and the younger James teaming up would mean a great thing for all parties involved. Bronny James could have LeBron James give him tips to adjust to the NBA; LeBron James would get to play with his son, and the franchise that has both of them would get immense viewership and follow. With that said, here are some of the best destinations for the father-son duo to team up.


5. Miami Heat

LeBron James has won two championships with the Miami Heat. He is a legend there, and there would be no question that James would be guaranteed a contract the moment he said he wanted to play in Miami. Bam Adebayo is also there, and he could develop into a special star. Pat Riley as the head of the franchise means that LeBron James will have a familiar face in the front office, and it also means that he will find a way to unite him with his son on an NBA franchise.

The potential to go back to a franchise with great management and location could be hard to pass up for LeBron James. LeBron James is always on the quest for his next ring, but that ring would be that much better if it was where he won his first. That championship would be a great ending to his career and passing of the torch type of time to his son.


4. Charlotte Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets are looking to be an appealing destination in the future. The possibility of a competitive Hornets team is closer than people think. With Gordon Hayward and LaMelo Ball coming into town, there has been a lot of hype surrounding the team. LaMelo Ball is one of the biggest basketball influencers of the next generation: imagine the type of attention the Hornets would get if LeBron and Bronny James came to Charlotte.

A team with LaMelo Ball, Bronny James, and LeBron James would be competitive in the Eastern Conference. LeBron James could come back to terrorize the East with the Charlotte Hornets: those are things no one ever expected to say in the same sentence.


3. Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron James is known well for his two Heat championships. But to the younger generation, he is known as the man who brought a championship to Cleveland. LeBron James is from Akron and had already had two stints with the Cavaliers. Perhaps he could choose to retire where it all began; it is also likely that the Cavaliers will be bad in the future, allowing them to have the draft capital to draft Bronny.

Retiring with the Cleveland Cavaliers would be like a fairy tale come to life for LeBron James. He brought a championship to his hometown, won with a small market franchise while beating the greatest regular-season team of all-time. For Bronny James, going to the Cavaliers would mean a huge amount of usage, with his father guiding his development. Sounds like an ideal destination professionally, while still having the hometown connection.


2. New York Knicks

Even though the New York Knicks have had awful management for years, until recently, they’ve managed to always remain a big market. The New York city pull and the Madison Square Garden are well known by all superstars, even LeBron James. While he hasn’t gone there during the prime of his career, one could see a scenario where playing in New York could be appealing on the wind-down of his career. LeBron would get to expose his own brand to a large audience in New York, and we know that New York hungers for a superstar, even an older one.

LeBron James going to New York if they drafted his son would be great for his prospects after basketball. In New York, LeBron James could build on his fame and play in the largest market in the NBA. If LeBron and Bronny James could win an NBA championship in New York, they would forever earn the adoration of the city.


 1. Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers would be the prime time place where the two James family members could play together. LeBron James would have his running mate in Anthony Davis while arranging for the Los Angeles Lakers to make a trade for his son. A lot of the time there is value in continuity, and Los Angeles is where people have previously slated LeBron to retire. The older James has also filmed Space Jam 2, something that a move to Los Angeles had helped with.

Los Angeles is one of the best places to be a young person: it is a vibrant community full of great people. Being drafted by Los Angeles would allow him to stay in the city with his family while being part of a historic franchise. The Los Angeles Lakers having both Bronny and LeBron James with Anthony Davis would bring fans to the stands. Bronny James would get the chance to experience life as an NBA player while being drafted to play with a legend like his father.


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