(via Forbes)

Unlike a lot of the best NBA stars today, Stephen Curry doesn’t have speed, size, or strength on his side. Instead, it’s his work ethic and skill set that have made him so potent, with career averages of 23.6 points, and 6.6 assists per game on 47.6% shooting and 43.4% shooting from deep.

But what’s his secret? Besides just raw talent, how has been able to find so much success in the NBA? According to what the Golden State star told to Jermaine O’Neal on Instagram Live, it’s all about those who have been around him…

“The best thing about it is just having the right people around you. Whether it’s teammates, whether it’s family, whether its friends, or people that are going to be loyal but also tell you the truth about what you’re doing. Big reasons why I had success on both levels.”

Having a system of support and accountability is certainly important, and Curry seems to have surrounded himself with people who understand that balance.

This season, the 3x NBA Champion is hoping to lead the Warriors back to prosperity — but it won’t be easy. With steep competition in the West, and Klay still trying to recover from an Achilles tear, Steph is pretty much on an island out there in Golden State.

But, so long as he continues to receive that support from those closest to him, the sky is truly the limit.