Kyle Kuzma had nothing but praise for Stephen Curry ahead of their first matchup of the season. Kuz has always been an admirer of the point guard and in recent hours, he delivered the ultimate praise for Curry.

The Warriors aren’t the same team that dominated the league from 2017 through 2019 but they’re still competitive and have shown that they can make life hard for anyone in the association. The Lakers will try to avoid that at any cost but Kuzma knows they are a serious team. He recently praised the Warriors and Steph, calling him the greatest shooter the NBA has seen.

“They’re still the Warriors in a sense. They play Warriors basketball. Any time Steph steps out there, the greatest shooter ever. They’re still a formidable team.”

The Lakers and Warriors clash for the first time this season on Monday night and everybody knows this duel can be a great one. The Lakers appear to be the favorites to win this game but the Warriors will try to ruin the party for Kuzma, LeBron James and co.

Curry also had good things to say about LeBron and his team, praising them for their championship and the mentality they’re showing right now. Steph is ready for the challenge and so are the Lakers, who will try to stop the widely-regarded as the greatest shooter of all time.