LeBron James is one of the best players in the NBA. His passing is consistent, and his ability to find wins in the playoffs is amazing. There is nothing that he can’t do on the court, and his excellence has been consistent throughout the years. LeBron James has been dominating the league ever since he entered, and his 10 Finals appearances speak for themselves. The way that LeBron James has managed to keep a stranglehold on the Eastern Conference throughout his career is truly impressive, and before he moved to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Eastern Conference had no chance of beating him.

LeBron James has been MVP four times during his career, but some would say that number should be higher. LeBron James has consistently been the best player in the league for the last decade, and there were a couple of MVPs that some fans think should have gone to him. This year, LeBron James is once again playing at an MVP level, which is amazing, considering the amount of wear and tear he has on his body. If LeBron is able to win the MVP award this season, he could achieve something that no-one else has done.

LeBron James is 36 years old this season: if he wins MVP, then he could be the oldest person ever to have been selected as a regular-season MVP. James would surpass Karl Malone and Michael Jordan, who were both 35 when they were selected. Lots of players are able to age well: oftentimes shooting specialists are able to have long and productive careers. Stars can transition to being elite role players, like Joe Johnson for example. But there haven’t been many people that are able to continue to dominate at 36 years old, while LeBron James looks like his athleticism hasn’t waned a bit.

If LeBron James were to win an MVP at 36, it would truly be the stuff of legend, especially if he is also able to win a championship this season. LeBron James has consistently found ways to stay ahead and take care of his body, and it shows in the latter stages of his career. While other stars from his era have had their performances drop off, that wasn’t a concern with LeBron James. LeBron James has been extremely durable throughout his career: injuries have rarely been a factor, even this late into his career.

There was an argument that LeBron James should have won the MVP last season over Giannis Antetokounmpo. LeBron James averaged double-digit assists to go with his usual scoring levels but didn’t get the nod. LeBron James then proceeded to show the world exactly why he should have been the MVP selection, as he leads the Los Angeles Lakers to a championship. This year, LeBron James is averaging his usual numbers, while the Lakers are second in the Western Conference. If LeBron James leads the Los Angeles Lakers to the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference, there is no reason to think that he isn’t the MVP for the 2020-21 season.

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