The Miami Heat are a team that has not started the season in a good fashion. Despite their amazing run to the NBA Finals during the bubble, this season they are 11-15. They are the 9th seed in the Eastern Conference and could use some help for making the playoffs. They have a good core but could use an adjustment to shake up the roster and fuel a push to the playoffs.

A player that they could trade for is Zach LaVine of the Chicago Bulls. LaVine could help the Miami Heat reach another level, and the offensive firepower that he would provide would be a boon to the struggling roster. Here is a possible trade package between the two teams:

Miami Heat Receive: Zach LaVine

Chicago Bulls Receive: Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson, Kendrick Nunn, Andre Iguodala


Chicago Bulls Receive Some Elite Prospects

Despite Zach LaVine’s stellar season, the Chicago Bulls are 11th in the Eastern Conference. They could elect to trade Zach LaVine in order to build for the future. Zach LaVine is an elite offensive player who would command a huge trade package, as he is a star who is only 25, and entering his prime. Trading him should ideally get the Chicago Bulls some exciting players that they can develop to build a championship contender.

Tyler Herro would be a good building block for the franchise. Herro is able to score from all three levels and has had some solid playoffs experience from his rookie year. He is an exciting shot creator that could play a similar role to LaVine, and with time develop into an elite primary scorer. Duncan Robinson is an amazing shooter who is amazing off the catch and currently shoots 39.9% from beyond the arc. Kendrick Nunn is a good scorer who was an All-Rookie selection after scoring 15.5 PPG last season. These are all promising players to build around. Andre Iguodala is a solid veteran with championship experience and is someone who could help instill a good culture in the Chicago Bulls team. Overall, this package offers a solid amount of young prospects that could help the Bulls a few years down the line.


Miami Heat Create A Big Three

Zach LaVine is an amazing offensive player that can absolutely carry the offense most nights. While he isn’t an elite defender, the Miami Heat have enough defensive-minded players who can help him. LaVine’s upside is that he is a transcendent scorer who could be elite next to some two-way star players. Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, and Zach LaVine would create a big three that could help them rival other contenders in the Eastern Conference, and make the push to a high playoffs seed. This move is win-now for the Miami Heat and would help them make the most of Jimmy Butler’s prime.

On the Miami Heat, Zach LaVine could play for a winning team, and show the NBA world that he deserves superstar status. LaVine is currently averaging 28.1 PPG while shooting 43.0% from 3PT range. LaVine is a complete scorer, able to make amazing shots even when heavily contested. LaVine would make the Miami Heat a contender for the NBA Finals, and possibly even the entire championship. Zach LaVine’s shot creation would be extremely valuable in the playoffs, and his athleticism lets him score on absolutely anyone. LaVine would be the perfect option to lift the Miami Heat out of their current slump while providing the tantalizing potential for the future.


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