(via ESPN Press Room)

Former NBA star Paul Pierce is a regular face on ESPN, often analyzing and giving his take on teams and players within the association.

Of course, he’s also not particularly shy about comparing today’s players to himself. In fact, in a recent segment on ESPN, the 1x Champion compared three of today’s greatest players to himself in the length of one single segment.

He started with Celtics youngster Jayson Tatum.

“Look at his silky-smooth game — he reminds me of a younger version of me. He gets the shot off any time he wants to.”

He moved on to Jimmy Butler, talking about how they share the same “killer toughness” on the court.

“Killer toughness. That’s something I believe I brought to the game, night in and night out. You knew it was gonna be a long night … You weren’t gonna out-work me.”

Finally, and most ambitiously, he went on to speak about Luka Doncic, saying that Doncics’ scoring ability reminds him of his own.

“If you watch his offensive game, there is not a spot on the floor he cannot get to. I know he’s not the most athletic, he’s not the fastest, but check this out: he gets his shot off every single time, any time he wants. And that was the best part of my game.”

Paul Pierce was obviously an exceptional player, and he has got a lot to be proud of. He deserves to be celebrated for his amazing career.

But perhaps he should chill on all the self-comparisons — because it really isn’t a good look.

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