LaMelo Ball is having a terrific rookie season in the NBA, surprising people who wanted to see him fail and others that didn’t expect him to be this good this soon. Well, the young point guard has made a big impact on the Charlotte Hornets, trying to make this team a competitive one.

He has already exceeded expectations and everybody is comparing him to his brother, Lonzo Ball, the second overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft. LaMelo is becoming a big name in the game and while Lonzo is doing very interesting things, even becoming one of the best 3-point shooters in the association, his younger brother is the one stealing the spotlight with his nightly performances.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith recently talked about these two brothers, praising Melo for being more open to shooting the ball and for having the desire to do so even if he has a rough night. He compared him to Lonzo, explaining that the New Orleans Pelicans star is a facilitator while his brother can do more things on the court.

“LaMelo Ball can ball. He’s the player we were promised Lonzo Ball would be. While Lonzo Ball is a passer, a facilitator, LaMelo Ball is a stone-cold killer in case you haven’t been paying attention. He attacks, he wants to shoot, even if he’s missing. (…) The clear favorite for the Rookie of the Year.”


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The Ball brothers clash in January, with the Hornets winning the game with a 118-110 final result. They’re ready to clash again in May when Lonzo will try to get revenge on his little brother.

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