NBA fans around the world were finally able to see LeBron James and Stephen Curry, two of the best players in the league for the past decade, playing on the same team. It was the first time we got to see these two sharing touches on the court and it was as good or better than we could have imagined.

These two have a lot of similarities, they were born in the same hospital, are considered very unselfish players on their teams, and are the biggest winners in the NBA in the past 10 years. Everybody wanted to see them joining forces and that finally happened on Sunday. Team LeBron had no mercy with Team Durant, beating them 170-150 at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, with Curry showing all of his talents.

Although Bron didn’t have big participation in the game, the Los Angeles Lakers star was happy to finally link up with Curry and after the game was over, he took to Twitter to show his excitement for that moment.

“Finally got to share the floor with @StephenCurry30! Well overdue and I loved every single second!! #GreatestShooterOfAllTime #ChangedHowTheGameIsPlayedByHimselfAlone #RespectBeyondWords #JustSomeKidsBornInAKRON🤴🏾” James wrote on Twitter.

He also had big praise for Damian Lillard, who participated in a mini-contest with Curry mid-game, shooting long-range 3-pointer that made everybody go crazy. In fact, Dame called game with one of those, closing out a very good night for him.

Fans even dreamed of watching LeBron and Curry on the same team at least once but that is highly unlikely to happen.

The Golden State Warriors star also talked about playing alongside James, his biggest rival in the NBA Finals. He was just happy to see that things went well and they got the W.

“It was a great experience, we had fun in the locker room chopping it up,” Curry told reporters, via NBC Sports. “Obviously the new format with the All-Star Game mixing and matching conferences even though he is in the West now, it was bound to happen and we had a great time. Obviously representing him as a captain, KD on the other side, and we got the win, so it was a memorable night for sure.”

It was a really good game, with all the criticism it received when it was announced. We saw our favorite players go against each other at the biggest stage of all, they demonstrated their talents and gave the public a really good show. Curry really changed the way the game is played, but he had the help of Klay Thompson, too. The Splash Brothers revolutionized the league and that’s why the 3-point shot is the most important one around the association.

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