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Kyrie Irving starred in a very touching moment with two fans that wanted to see him and the rest of the Brooklyn Nets during a road trip. While in Chicago, the point guard stopped the team not once but twice to greet fans and even gifted somebody a couple of bucks to help his family.

A young man was selling chocolates and the 2016 NBA champion gave him some money, telling him to ‘take it to his family’ before entering the bus. Irving said “hi” to the people watching the team but that wasn’t the end of the story.

Shortly after, he stopped the bus again, came out, and greeted a kid who was crying to meet him. He met the child, stayed there for a couple of seconds, and then jumped on the bus again, having a great gesture with these people.

In a time where the Kyrie slander is big every day, this man keeps demonstrating he’s a down-to-earth player and actually cares about the fans. He has been the subject of criticism this season but Irving keeps doing his thing, playing great and trying to help as many people as he can.

On Monday, he scored 40 on the New York Knicks to lead the Brooklyn Nets to a 114-112 win over their city rivals, sweeping them in the regular-season series.

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