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Bronny James Goes Viral After Appearing In Video With Suspected Girlfriend

Bronny James Goes Viral After Appearing On Video With Suspected Girlfriend

Bronny James has been making headlines recently, especially for his fanaticism for video games. LeBron James' eldest son is an avid video game fan and he doesn't miss any chance to prove that, playing video games on stream and even joining an eSports organization in recent weeks.

He has gone viral once again but this time for something more personal, and you can say, more private. The 15-year-old appeared in a TikTok video with a girl, who is suspected to be his girlfriend. The video shows Bronny sit in a chair while TikTok star Peyton moves his head to the sound of the music.

Since this is the first time Bronny makes an appearance on Peyton's TikTok, people have started to wonder if they are currently dating or are just good friends. After the video surfaced, the NBA community reacted and Bronny went viral on Twitter.

Bronny is still 15, but he's often under the spotlight thanks to his dad's status and all the expectations around him as LeBron James' son. Every move he makes will draw attention and as you see, this one wasn't the exception.