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Kyle Kuzma And Winnie Harlow Reportedly Broke Up After Kuz Was Traded From The Lakers

Winnie Harlow Surprises Kyle Kuzma With Epic Birthday Message Using Airplane

Kyle Kuzma will start a new chapter in his career with the Washington Wizards, but Kuz will be alone in the US capital. After dating model Winnie Harlow for over a year, the couple reportedly split a couple of weeks after the player was traded from the Los Angeles Lakers to the Wizards. 

They looked really great together, and it seemed like things were pretty cool between them. Well, not everything you see on social media is accurate, and TMZ reports these loves are no longer together. 

Fortunately, their relationship is still good despite the breakup. This happened a week ago, according to the entertainment site. 

Kyle Kuzma will leave Los Angeles for D.C. as a single man ... TMZ Sports has learned the former Lakers star and his model GF, Winnie Harlow, have broken up.

Sources tell us Kuzma -- who was just officially traded to the Washington Wizards from L.A. earlier this month -- split with Harlow about a week ago.

We're told, though, it was a completely amicable breakup ... and, in fact, we're also told the two have been friendly with each other since the split.

Life has changed for Kuz in less than a month. The young forward left the Los Angeles Lakers to join the Wizards in a blockbuster move that sent Russell Westbrook to Southern California. Now, he broke up with his girlfriend. 

Kyle promised fans they would see a lot from him this next campaign. After two seasons playing under the shadow of LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the 26-year-old is ready to face a new challenge with the Capital team.