LeBron James Calls Anthony Davis While Playing Video Games, Asked Him About GTA And Then Calls Him 'Big Bird'

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LeBron James and Anthony Davis are currently inactive with injuries, two situations that have affected the Los Angeles Lakers’ performances in the past couple of months. Now they have Andre Drummond on the roster and Dennis Schroder has taken the reins of the team while the star duo is out.

Meanwhile, James and Davis are trying to kill some time while they rehab and we recently found them starring in a very curious moment. The King has become a gamer, supposedly thanks to his son Bronny James, and he reached out to AD to ask him a question about GTA, one of the most famous video games in the world.

While Dennis Schroder was streaming, we could hear Anthony Davis and LeBron having a little conversation. LBJ asked something about GTA while Schroder listened, trying to understand what was happening.

In the end, Davis answered Bron’s question and everything was fine. When the 36-year-old said goodbye, he used a curious name to refer to AD.

“Thank you, Big Bird,” LeBron said, while Schroder tried to hide his laugh.

LeBron is not a stranger to making these surprise appearances on streams. He once surprised one fan who couldn’t believe he was talking to the King, in one of the funniest videos about the Los Angeles Lakers superstar.

They certainly prefer to be on the court playing basketball and trying to get the Lakers to the postseason but injuries have affected a lot of teams, including the defending champions. While they get back to the floor, they’ll be playing video games to spend some time with their teammates and try to clear their minds.