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NBA Fans Thought Jordan Poole Was Flirting With Malika Andrews: "Put That Mic Off I Wanna Ask You For Dinner."

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Malika Andrews and Jordan Poole

Jordan Poole is a shooting guard that currently plays for the Golden State Warriors. There are many who believe that he is the future face of the Warriors franchise. Poole took an insane leap this season and put up a solid 18.5 PPG, 3.4 RPG, and 4.0 APG.

During his debut in the playoffs, Jordan Poole put up 30 points against the Denver Nuggets. After the game, he was interviewed by Malika Andrews about his performance. Many fans reacted to the interview, claiming that it looked as though Jordan Poole was flirting with Malika Andrews.

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From the interview, it is clear that Jordan Poole didn't say anything suggestive or provocative. However, it seems as though most fans analyzed the look on his face and drew conclusions from that. 

With that being said, it seems as though Jordan Poole is pretty direct when shooting his shot with someone. He has previously tried to shoot his shot with actress Zendaya on Instagram, asking her on a double date with Klay Thompson and Laura Harrier. Zendaya is currently dating actor Tom Holland, who starred in Marvel's Spider-Man movies.

As of now, Jordan Poole's focus will likely be on winning a championship with the Golden State Warriors. The Golden State Warriors are viewed as a legitimate contender for the 2021-22 NBA championship, and Jordan Poole's shot creation has been crucial for the team this season, especially while Stephen Curry was out.

Hopefully, we see the Golden State Warriors and Jordan Poole get far in the playoffs. Many people think they will end up beating the Nuggets, so the question is about whether they can beat the teams that come afterward. The Golden State Warriors definitely have the talent to get to the NBA Finals, so the key for them will simply be to execute.