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When Jordan Poole Shot His Shot With Zendaya On Instagram: "Double Date With Klay Thompson?"

When Jordan Poole Shot His Shot With Zendaya On Instagram: "Double Date With Klay Thompson?"

NBA players aren't shy when shooting their shots with celebrities, especially when they have the opportunity to reach out on social media. We've seen plenty of these cases, like Shaquille O'Neal jumping on a Megan Thee Stallion Instagram Live or LaMelo Ball trying his luck with Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend

This isn't odd around the league, but sometimes, players aim really high, trying to get the attention of world-famous stars. Last year, for example, Golden State Warriors' Jordan Poole shot his shot with one of the most famous actresses on earth, even trying to get advantage of Klay Thompson's connections to get a date.

When Laura Harrier shared a series of pics on Instagram on a date with Thompson, Zendaya Coleman commented on the post. This opened a door for Poole to shoot his shot, sending a message to the former Disney star. 

"Double date?" Poole asked, tagging the actress and his Warriors teammate. 

jordan poole and zendaya

Poole was ready to risk it all and went for it on the comments, but that didn't work for him. Zendaya is dating her Spiderman film series co-star Tom Holland and they seem very happy together. One week ago, the third part of the trilogy premiered in one of the most anticipated moments of the year.

It seems like Poole was already late when he tried to get Coleman's attention last year. Well, he did get the attention of the NBA world after a good 2020/21 NBA season with the Warriors. Even though they couldn't make it to the playoffs, Poole showed flashes of what he can do in the league. 

This season, he's raised the bar, becoming a key player for Steve Kerr. Right now, he's in the league's health and safety protocols, hoping to get better soon and return to the court to help the inspired Dubs.

As for Klay, he's getting ready to return to the floor, too, after missing the last two seasons with serious injuries. It's unclear if he's still with Harrier given their complex relationship. Well, now it's time to focus on basketball and help a team that is playing like legit championship contenders.