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Shaq O'Neal Says He Doesn't Want His Daughters To Date NBA Players

Shaq O'Neal Says He Doesn't Want His Daughters To Date NBA Players

Shaquille O'Neal is well known for being a player both on and off the court. The NBA legend was a lady killer and he was never afraid to shoot her shot with women, so he knows how NBA players behave, even when they have girlfriends and wives.

That's why he's committed to preventing his daughters from dating NBA players given their reputation and of course all the things that Shaq did and saw while he was still in the league. He was recently by Riley Cardoza of Us Weekly, talking about his daughters, the figure he wants to be for them, what he wants and expects them to do with their lives and even their love life.

He's all about freedom when it comes to his daughters, but there is something that's out of the line: dating NBA players.

“I want them to be fully educated or … fully independent,” Shaq said, per Riley Cardoza of Us Weekly. “I want them to have most of those goals and once they get 18 on and they become little mini adults, I’m not going to be the dad that says, ‘Do this, do that.’ [I’ll] guide them in the right path.”

When asked if he wanted them to date NBA players, O’Neal told said, “Probably not.”

Shaq knows that that world would be painful for his daughters and he tries to prevent that at all costs. He spent 19 years in the league and did a lot to not trust any of the players we see in the league right now. Good thing for her daughters is that he's there to protect them from any man with bad intentions.