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Unseen Footage Shows Kobe And Vanessa Bryant Happily Singing During 2018 Oscars Party

Unseen Footage Shows Kobe And Vanessa Bryant Happily Singing During 2018 Oscars Party

Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa had a terrific relationship. With ups and downs, the Bryants stayed together through thick and thin, demonstrating they loved each other so much. They created an incredible family with four daughters, inspiring many people around the world. 

Supporting each other's dreams was a big job for each of them, as Vanessa was always there when Kobe won, lost, and suffered. In 2018, the Black Mamba added another trophy to his impressive collection, winning the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. As usual, Vanessa was by his side, celebrating another success in Kobe's life.

Unseen footage shows the couple happily singing at the Oscars after-party, looking incredibly glad to be in each other's presence. After Clutch Points shared the video, plenty of fans reacted to it, remembering Kobe and revealing they felt nostalgic seeing Bryant in such a good spirit. 

prince_tchike: "Kobe and Chadwick in the same video, man. It’s crazy"

nyckid23: "Who cuttin onions?? 😫❤️🙌🏾🙏🏾"

kicksof2k: "Miss you Kobbb!!! 💜💛"

tyson.yx: "missing Kobe everyday🕊😢"

joesal2003: "Damn Kobe damn😢"

amnoor_92: "Chadwick in the back too😥"

hcahyana: "We miss you Kobe😢"

opossums.milo: "Chadwick too"

beverlyhoodz: "I gotta go play this song now"

grigorismaltezos: "Miss you Kobe"

sanoush1: "Oh no 💔 #ripkobebryant 😍😢"

aria.j.3: "Ik the goat watching over us"

grumpy474747: "RIP 🙏 bean"

_airbornepodcast: "Mamba Mentality 🕊 x Wakanda Forever"

dripnbacollection: "Kobe 24 8 forever ❤️"

yungdee1k_: "I cried enough tears already"

Moreover, they noticed that Chadwick Boseman, another late celebrity, was spotted on camera. Those moments are incredibly emotional and it's good that we get to see them. Even though some of us teared up a little, it's great to see Kobe and Chadwick lived their lives to the fullest. 

Bryant became the first African-American to win in this category. He made the short film after a poem called "Dear Basketball," a piece he wrote when he announced his retirement, not knowing it'd make him win more silverware even after calling it a career. 

Unfortunately, we lost Kobe in the infamous 2020 year. The player was killed in a fatal helicopter crash along with his daughter Gianna and seven other people. The world has mourned Kobe ever since that moment and these videos where we see him happy and smiling remind us that we lost a great one, but also that Kobe never took a moment for granted. He lived a happy life and we hope he's happy wherever he is now.