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When Supermodel Cindy Crawford Wore A Swimsuit And Asked Dennis Rodman: "Is Your Nickname 'The Worm'? I Just Wanted To Know If That Was Indicative Of Anything."

When Supermodel Cindy Crawford Asked Dennis Rodman In Swimsuit: "Is Your Nickname 'The Worm'? I Just Wanted To Know If That Was Indicative Of Anything."

Back in the 90s, Dennis Rodman was one of the most popular figures in the world. The former 'Bad Boy' embraced that nickname, and even after leaving the Detroit Pistons, he starred in several controversies.

When he landed in Chicago, Rodman's popularity went through the roof, competing with Michael Jordan as the most beloved man in the Windy City and the rest of America. His image and personality earned him plenty of compliments and criticism, but Dennis was confident in himself, ignoring all the bad things coming his way. 

He was selected to work with several brands during those years, appearing on plenty of commercials and cover magazines like the controversial GQ magazine from 1997, where The Worm posed alongside Rebecca Romijn. 

Rodman had the chance to share the stage with other stars of the era, including legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford, who seemingly shot her shot with the rebound specialist. 

Appearing on MTV's "House of Style," Crawford had Rodman try on different types of clothes, which included curious swimsuits. At some point, Cindy asked him a big question regarding his nickname, trying to find out if it translated into reality (0:50).

"I know that your nickname's 'The Worm,' I just wanted to know if that was indicative of anything."

The 5x NBA champion didn't hesitate and looked straight at the model before confirming her thoughts. 

"Yes, it is," Rodman replied.

Before getting into this early concept of try-on haul, he talked about his book, "Bad As I Wanna Be," explaining what led him to publish the piece. 

Dennis initially looked confused and kind of shy with the options he was given. After a couple of tries, he started joking with Crawford and the MTV crew, showing more confidence. 

This was a fun and entertaining segment of the show, with one of the most famous athletes in the world at the time. In 1996, Dennis won his first of three consecutive championships with the Chicago Bulls, starting another three-peat for the franchise. While he was a beast on the court, he also exceeded off the floor, partying and celebrating like there was no tomorrow. 

He's still that colorful character that makes people laugh whenever he makes a public appearance. He left plenty of good memories during his active days and this one is very interesting. 

**Credit for idea: Jeremy Julien/Basketball Mecca**