Zion Williamson Caught Sending Snapchat DM Trying To Get UNC Girl Into His Bedroom

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Zion Williamson Caught Sending Thirsty Snapchat Trying To Get UNC Girl Into His Bedroom

Zion Williamson is one of the biggest names going around in the basketball world right now, everyone is waiting to see which lucky NBA team will be the one to select him with the number one pick of the draft.

However, as expected, Zion is just as wanted off the court, there’s a whole line of women out there that would love to meet him given the chance. It looks as if the young Duke star doesn’t know how to pick up the right ones after it all went wrong after he attempted to pick up a fellow student of the college.

There’s nothing wrong with how Zion went about it, it won’t be very likely to see many other women turn down the Duke big man and expose it online like this.

Barstool posted a photo on Twitter of a North Carolina student holding her phone with a photo of Williamson, but they deleted the tweet. Culture Updates posted screenshots of the DM's.

Social Media have also had their say on the matter.

You can check a video from the Fumble, as well.

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