Bradley Beal Is Not Happy With His 89 Overall In 2K22

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(via Heat Nation)

When NBA 2K player ratings are released every year, it feels as though they're always extremely controversial. When you go online, it seems as though everyone has something to say about every player's ratings, and complaints about players being rated too high or too low are frequent.

Ronnie 2K has recently posted some player rankings for 2K22, and Bradley Beal is one of the players who had his rating revealed. He will be an 89 overall in 2K22, and after the reveal, Ronnie 2K tagged Bradley Beal to gauge his opinion.

It looks as though Bradley Beal was not happy with being rated as an 89 overall. Beal just averaged 31.3 PPG over the 2020-21 season and finished as the second-highest scorer in the league. While an 89 is still a solid rating, there's definitely an argument that he could be ranked higher. Beal posted a tweet featuring a GIF of himself looking distraught, and it's easy to see what he thinks on the matter.

His wife, Kamiah Beal-Adams also chimed into the discussion, calling Ronnie 2K and the 2K ratings "a joke" while trashing the game in general. However, it is quite possible that Bradley Beal's rating will be adjusted during the season, and it will likely go up if he continues his scoring exploits.

The Washington Wizards have made a solid addition this offseason in Spencer Dinwiddie via a multi-team deal, and it seems as though he will make a solid enough replacement for the departed Russell Westbrook, who was shipped to the Los Angeles Lakers for multiple pieces including Kyle Kuzma and Montrezl Harrell. The Washington Wizards have built a fairly solid squad around Beal, and it is quite possible that they will be a playoff squad that can surprise people. Perhaps team success will show people that Bradley Beal is the real deal, and lead to an increase in his 2K rating.