Bradley Beal's Wife Bashes Ronnie 2K: "Clowns Do Clown S*it."

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NBA 2K is a basketball game that is popular worldwide, and there's no doubt that the yearly release brings with it a lot of hype and excitement. One of the things that people generally get excited about is the ratings reveal for each new edition, as players either go up or go down depending on performance. Obviously, most people believe that their favorite players should be ranked higher than others, and there is no set of ratings that will satisfy everyone.

Some recent discussion on NBA 2K ratings featured the rating of Bradley Beal, who was an 89 overall. Bradley Beal was unhappy with his rating, and so was his wife Kamiah Adams-Beal, who took to Twitter to express her displeasure at Ronnie 2K. The two shared an exchange, with Adams-Beal calling Ronnie 2K "a whole joke".

While it looked as though the exchange was finished after that series of Tweets, it appears as though Ronnie 2K took shots at Kamiah Adams-Beal this morning, by wishing everyone good morning via his Tweet "except Brad Beal's wife". The Tweet has since been deleted, but Kamiah Adams-Beal wasted no time responding to the situation claiming that "clowns do clown s*it" when referring to Ronnie 2K, while also laughing at the fact that he deleted the Tweet.

Ronnie 2K posted another Tweet regarding the sequence of events between him and Kamiah Adams-Beal. It definitely looks as though things are over for Ronnie 2K right now, though you never know when the next person will complain about a 2K rating.

There is no doubt that there are many people who complain about various 2K ratings, and dealing with all the issues certainly isn't easy. However, it does seem as though some things could be improved upon, and perhaps we'll see 2K make ratings better in the future.