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Derrick Rose When A Fan Told Him He's 'The Man': "Nah Man I Wish. Not Anymore."

Derrick Rose When A Fan Told Him He's 'The Man': "Nah Man I Wish. Not Anymore."

Derrick Rose is still a fan favorite in the NBA. While he is no longer at the level he once was at, fans still have a lot of love and respect for him. Rose’s impact on the game is still felt great, and his run at the top, while short-lived, is still remembered with a lot of fondness to this day.

But Derrick Rose has struggled to come to terms with his injury issues. One fan on Reddit posted a picture with Derrick Rose when he met him at an orthopedic physical therapy facility. The fan told Rose that he was the man, and Derrick Rose responded that he wishes, and he was no longer the man, and he wishes that he was but was not anymore.

It’s truly heartbreaking to hear Derrick Rose speak like this. He has been open about how he has struggled since his injury derailed his career. And since then, he has worked very hard to be consistently fit, and play at a high level. While Rose is not an All-Star level player anymore, he has shown the ability to play consistently at a good level.

Many fans and players wonder how Derrick Rose’s career would have panned out if not for the injury. His former teammate Joakim Noah even compared Rose’s injury during the 2012 NBA playoffs to 9/11. Many fans are still supporters of Rose and want him to be able to do well for the remainder of his career.

Rose’s career might be one of the biggest ‘what if?’ scenarios in NBA history. D-Rose was primed to become one of the biggest stars in NBA history, winning the MVP at just 22 years of age, the youngest in history. But his career took a significantly drastic turn, and we didn’t get to witness his rise to the top of the NBA.