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16-Year-Old Chet Holmgren Blocked Stephen Curry At Steph's Own Camp: "Gimme Dat Sh*t"

16-Year-Old Chet Holmgren Blocked Stephen Curry At Steph's Own Camp: "Gimme Dat Sh*t"

Chet Holmgren realized his NBA dream on the night of the draft when he was chosen with the No. 2 overall pick by the Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2022 NBA draft. Holmgren is 6'10" and while he is quite skinny, he has shown the potential to be an elite scorer, having averaged over 14 points per game at Gonzaga while shooting over 60% from the field. 

Holmgren has often been questioned since he started being projected as a top draft pick for being a bit too skinny, with some suggesting that he may not be able to stack up to NBA talent. However, unlike a lot of other prospects, he has a couple of highlights against one of the greatest to ever do it to prove everyone wrong. 

As a 16-year-old, Holmgren was invited to Stephen Curry's camp where he got a chance to play against the greatest shooter of all time. And Holmgren took his opportunity, blowing past Curry for a dunk and also managing to block a layup by the legendary point guard as well. 

"Gimme dat sh*t."

It's obvious that Curry wasn't playing with full intensity considering that he was aware that he was competing against children, but to still manage to do this is very impressive and says a lot about Chet. The fact that he not only blocked Curry but also talked to him after doing that shows that he has the mentality required to compete at the highest level if he can continue developing his game. 

Holmgren has made his confidence plenty apparent recently, he warned Luka Doncic that he would see him on the court next season. That's saying something considering that Doncic has now made 3 consecutive All-NBA First Teams. Holmgren will have to continue improving his game but there's every reason to be excited to see what he will be able to accomplish in the NBA.