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5 Best Buyout Candidates For Brooklyn Nets After The Trade Deadline

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5 Best Buyout Candidates For Brooklyn Nets After The Trade Deadline

The Brooklyn Nets have had a tough past few weeks, with them going on a huge losing streak and also trading James Harden. However, they have recently defeated the Sacramento Kings to stop their skid.

Going into the season, the Brooklyn Nets were thought to be championship contenders, and they definitely have the talent to win it all. They could potentially get even better with the addition of a player from the buyout market. Here are the best potential candidates.

5. Eric Bledsoe

Eric Bledsoe

Eric Bledsoe isn't necessarily a jump-shooting guard that will score from the perimeter. However, he does provide defense and has a knack for driving to the rim. He is currently a member of the Portland Trail Blazers, but he looks as if he could be bought out due to the Trail Blazers focusing on development and a rebuild currently.

On the Brooklyn Nets, Eric Bledsoe would be able to slash to the rim offensively due to the spacing on the roster, and his defense at the guard position would be beneficial as well. He could do well as a spot minutes player.

4. James Ennis

James Ennis

James Ennis has not been on an NBA team this year, despite pushing hard for an NBA contract. Ennis is a capable 3 and D wing who has been a very good shooter this year, averaging 37.5% from beyond the arc.

On a contender, shooting and defense will always be welcome. James Ennis would be perfect for the team as a forward option off the bench, as they just traded away Paul Millsap in the James Harden trade.

3. E'Twaun Moore

E'Twaun Moore

E'Twaun Moore is a 3 and D player that last played for the Phoenix Suns. E'Twaun Moore is a career 38.8% 3PT shooter, and while he only shot 31.7% from beyond the arc for the Phoenix Suns, he could potentially do better on the Nets.

Having another wing player wouldn't hurt for the Brooklyn Nets, especially one that is as experienced as E'Twaun Moore. He would definitely be a solid contributor to the team, and he's had his moments as a role player in the past.

2. Goran Dragic

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The Brooklyn Nets were notably linked with Goran Dragic after Adrian Wojnarowski reported the veteran guard and the Spurs were planning to agree to a buyout of his contract. Goran Dragic is another experienced veteran that can provide shooting and ballhandling for the Brooklyn Nets.

Goran Dragic is a player that can change the tide of the game and gives the Brooklyn Nets a player that can help fill the hole left by Kyrie Irving's part-time status. He's a good offensive-based guard that can score on all three levels, and he'd be a talented addition who can be effective in the regular season.

1. Gary Harris

Gary Harris

Gary Harris is on the Orlando Magic, a team that looks as though it is tanking for a pick. It is quite possible that a veteran like him will get bought out. Gary Harris is a 3 and D player that also has some ability to create his own shot if needed.

On the Brooklyn Nets, Gary Harris would provide more athleticism and shoot for the team. He could definitely play the role of spark plug off the bench, and he'd likely get a lot of open shots on the Nets due to their ball-movement-based system. If he gets bought out by the Brooklyn Nets, he's definitely an option the team should look at.