Adrian Wojnarowski Says Mike Budenholzer Has A More Secure Future With The Milwaukee Bucks After Beating The Miami Heat And The Brooklyn Nets

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NBA Rumors- Mike Budenholzer Could Lose His Job If Bucks Get Eliminated By Brooklyn

There is no question that Mike Budenholzer has had a better playoff run than he did last season. Despite the fact that he managed to make it to the second round last season, the Milwaukee Bucks were beaten by the Miami Heat who were led by Jimmy Butler.

This season, however, Mike Budenholzer has managed to lead the Milwaukee Bucks past that same team, and even beat the Brooklyn Nets in the second round. That is obviously progress, even though the Brooklyn Nets had a lot of injuries during the series. Adrian Wojnarowski has recently reported that because Mike Budenholzer managed to pull out those wins, he has a more secure future in Milwaukee.

While fans are often quick to blame coaches for their teams' failures, it is not solely on the coach. The Milwaukee Bucks are in the Eastern Conference Finals with their coach, and they have a good chance to win it all this season. If Budenholzer manages to lead these Milwaukee Bucks to a championship, then his job will clearly be secure for years to come.