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Allen Iverson On The Culture In The NBA Today: ‘I Took The A** Whooping For Guys To Be Who They Are’

(via Ballislife)

(via Ballislife)

Allen Iverson was one of those players who landed in the NBA to change everything. The Answer was often surrounded by bad comments and plenty of criticism for his behavior on and off the court, but he resisted all of that to become an icon not only for NBA players but American athletes in general. The Philadelphia 76ers icon was recently interviewed by The Players' Tribune, where he talked about his legacy and what he left for the current NBA stars.

He was part of the league in a time where his clothing wasn't seen with good eyes by a lot of people. He didn't care much about that but now AI has revealed he received the 'ass whooping' for players to be who they are today.

“I took the ass whooping for guys to be who they really are,” Iverson said. “I’ve made a billion mistakes. I’ve done things right a billion times. I’m human, and that’s that. I don’t read no comments. I got too much to live for, too much love around me.”

AI knew that showing his real self wasn't going to please everybody, but he did so anyway, leaving a mark in the NBA not only with his game but his style. His impact won't ever be forgotten and he knows that, but Iverson never forgets his journey was a tough one.

There is no doubt that he's one of the most influential players of all time and his legacy will transcend eras; everybody will keep talking about Allen Iverson even after 100 years.