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Allen Iverson Predicted The LeBron James Hate In 2005: "They Love You Right Now But Please Believe Me, The First Incident, They Are Waiting."


If somebody knows what it's like to be constantly criticized, that's Allen Iverson. The Philadelphia 76ers legend was one of the most influential players in NBA history, getting a lot of praise and plenty of bad comments. 

AI knew how things worked in the league, and he tried to warn a young LeBron James about it. During a 2005 interview, the former Sixers guard talked about how quickly things change in the league. One day people love you, and the next, you're the villain in everybody's eyes. 

Talking with Stephen A. Smith on 'Quite Frankly,' The Answer revealed he spoke to LeBron about people rooting for his failure to start blasting him (0:45).

"I always let LeBron know off top, dawg. 'They love you right now but please, believe me, the first incident - the first time something happens - they are waiting.'" 

More than predicting, Iverson just kept things real, letting Bron know that not everybody loved him as they said, and they were always ready to bring him down as soon as he made a mistake. 

He knew very well how that worked. Iverson was constantly scrutinized, and he couldn't do the minimum thing without receiving a lot of hate. He never cared about and kept living his life, but that didn't make things easy for him. 

LeBron has taken a similar approach to that, hearing all the criticism after doing whatever. He hasn't paid much attention to that, and even though he replies to certain people trying to disrespect him, it seems like The King learned how to live with all the noise around him. 

With LeBron's status as the next big thing, Iverson knew he would be held to a different standard, which hasn't changed after 18 years. Still, LeBron has managed himself just fine, and you can say he's made some questionable decisions in his career, but all of them paid off for him.