Amazing Inside Look At Space Jam 2 Filming Goes Viral

Amazing Inside Look At Space Jam 2 Filming Goes Viral

Space Jam: A New Legacy is an epic space adventure featuring LeBron James, the Toon Squad, and a slate of other NBA stars. While it might fall short of expectations for some, it's definitely a cool and massive project by LeBron that will be remembered forever.

With the movie out now, many have already gone and seen it. What you probably haven't seen, though, is this behind-the-scenes look at the movie, which recently went viral on Twitter.

Here's the footage:

With all the greenscreens, funky suits, and invasive cameras, it's kind of amazing how they got that scene to look so cool in the film.

The video also confirms the level of difficulty went involved in the creation. Seriously, that looks like a lot of hard work by a lot of talented people. Props should go up to all involved.

Unfortunately, A New Legacy hasn't been a huge hit with the critics. Coming in at just 32% on Rotten Tomatoes and 36% on Metacritic, it seems reviewers just aren't feeling the sequel.

Fans and regular watchers, though, seem to be enjoying it a lot more, perhaps appreciating the project for what it is: a fun, family-friendly adventure.

Going forward it will be interesting to see how Space Jam: A New Legacy gets viewed by the public overall, and if LeBron James will be featured in any more movies g=in the future.