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Anthony Edwards On LeBron James: "I've Never Seen So Many People Be So Happy To See An Athlete Fail..."

Anthony Edwards On LeBron James- "I've Never Seen So Many People Be So Happy To See An Athlete Fail..."

For the first time in his storied career, LeBron James got bounced in the first round, marking a rather tragic and unfortunate end to the 2021 NBA season.

While many were sad to see James get eliminated, many were thrilled to see the "King" fail -- a theme that has followed James for all of his 17+ years in the NBA.

On Instagram, Timberwolves youngster Anthony Edwards spoke up about the LeBron haters, telling the world that they should just appreciate greatness.

I've never seen so many people be so happy to see an athlete fail more than Lebron. His whole career he's been hated on constantly and slandered to no end to the point where when he retires nobody would have appreciated his greatness. I will be glad I will be one who did.


It's only natural for a guy as popular and polarizing as LeBron James have so many naysayers. Anybody that's got as much juice and impact as he does is going to have a crowd of critics. It happened with Kobe, MJ, and basically any popular, well-known athlete in history.

But as LeBron nears the end of his career, and Father Time begins to take its toll, this may be the last chance for fans to really watch and appreciate his game.

But when it's all said and done, and Bron decides to finally hang 'em up, you might just miss watching his constant display of greatness everyday.