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Bill Simmons Claims Kevin Durant Is A Top-10 Player Of All Time

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Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is one of the greatest players to ever play in the NBA. He is a three-level scorer that is capable of scoring on any defender, and that is reflected in the four scoring titles that he has won. 

When it comes to all-time rankings, Kevin Durant is traditionally viewed as a top-15 player of all time. However, Bill Simmons of The Ringer has recently claimed that Kevin Durant is a top-10 player ever "by any calculation" on a recent episode of his podcast.

He's won titles, he's won MVP. I think KD is one of the 10 best all time by any calculation. But you need some luck with this stuff too... With Durant it's just over and over again. The only luck he had was that the Warriors had cap space in 2016, and he was able to join that team. But that turned out to be a curse for him too... The smartest move for him was what everyone got mad about. I just wonder when he’s going to get a break.

There is no doubt that Kevin Durant could potentially be viewed as a top-10 player of all-time in the future. He has an amazing resume, and he will likely add more awards to it in the future. While fans may not currently view him as a top-10 all-time great, he does get respect from players, with Anthony Edwards even claiming Kevin Durant is the GOAT previously.

The Brooklyn Nets are competing for the championship currently, and there's no doubt that another ring will help Kevin Durant in the all-time standings. While Kevin Durant will be out with injury for a while, he should be healthy by the postseason. The Brooklyn Nets will be a dangerous opponent come playoff time, and perhaps we'll see Kevin Durant go all the way this year and win his third championship.