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Blake Griffin Likes Tweet Mocking Isaiah Stewart's Fight With LeBron James

Blake Griffin Likes Tweet Mocking Isaiah Stewart's Fight With LeBron James

The NBA world is still buzzing after the Lakers-Pistons game. While the fixture was initially expected to be an uneventful affair, it has now become the biggest talking point for fans and the media across the league, after a massive brawl broke out between the two teams.

During the game, LeBron James landed a shot at Isaiah Stewart's face, causing him to bleed. People are unsure whether the contact was incidental or intentional. But Stewart was furious with the hit, trying to fight LeBron James and sparking a brawl between both teams. 

LeBron James was ejected from the game for only the second time in his career. But the Lakers were still able to rally and get a win over the Pistons. Kendrick Perkins suggested that the brawl and the win will be the start of the Lakers finding their form and chemistry with each other going forward.

One person who seemingly enjoyed the brawl, and poked fun at Stewart was Blake Griffin. On Twitter, Griffin liked a tweet that painted Isaiah in a bad light, suggesting that he wasn't actually courageous enough to go and fight James but wanted to act as he did. 

Griffin is no stranger to a fight with Stewart. During the Pistons-Nets game earlier this season, Griffin and Stewart got into a physical altercation and had to be separated. Isaiah was ejected from the game, but Griffin is clearly still annoyed by the antics from that game. 

Gilbert Arenas also came out after the game and slammed Stewart, saying that he will probably be traded and go out of the NBA for trying to cause a huge brawl against LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Anthony Davis came out and tried to defend LeBron James, saying that he is not a dirty player and the hit to Stewart's face was unintentional. Regardless, James and Stewart could both be looking at suspensions for the fight, thus jeopardizing their teams going forward.