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Boban Marjanovic On Slam Dunk Contest: "I’m The Only Guy Who Can Dunk Without Jumping. We’d Get Some 10s.”



Boban Marjanovic, among other things, is known for his skyscraper-like length. Measuring at 7-4, Boby is one of the tallest players in the NBA and, yes, is one of a very select few who can dunk a basketball without really jumping.

In light of these facts, Marjanovic is making his bid to compete in this year's Kia Slam Dunk Contest.

Indeed, Marjanovic has had some monster posters over the years. His towering length and big hands make him nearly unstoppable under the rim.

If you've ever just sat back and watched him play, his dunks are always so effortless. The dude hardly gets off the ground.

In the Dunk contest, it's as much about creativity as it is about just putting the ball in the hoop. Boban will have to do more than the typical in-game dunk for him to get some good points. But something tells me he's got something up his sleeve. And while we won't see the Serbian big man compete this season, there's always hope for next year.

There are plenty of people who would love to see it.