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Brooklyn Nets Are Reportedly 'Unlikely' To Trade Ben Simmons Away

"Ben Simmons Saw What Tatum Did To KD In Game 3 And Asked For A Doctor’s Note", NBA Fan Roasts Ben Simmons

While Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving draw the most attention from fans and analysts given their current back and forth with the Brooklyn Nets, the other piece of the team's Big 3, Ben Simmons, seems to be forgotten by everybody. After landing in Brooklyn in March, the Australian player was involved in some controversies, especially during the playoffs, where he teased a comeback that never arrived. 

This offseason, the Nets are involved in more drama with their two best players, while Simmons has been mentioned in potential trade packages. Right now, Brooklyn can't pursue a series of players with Simmons on the roster since he's playing through his rookie extension. 

Some believed this would open the door for a Simmons trade, but the reality is that the Nets aren't planning to part ways with the talented point guard. According to Brian Lewis of the New York Post, the market for Simmons is anything but big, which could "force" the Nets to keep him on the roster. 

“That means the Nets either would have to loop a third team into the deal, and ship [Andrew] Wiggins there for some sort of return, or they would have to move off Simmons,” wrote Lewis.

"Privately, Nets sources have intimated the latter option is unlikely. And when asked if Simmons had gotten assurances he was in the Nets’ long-term plans and would not be traded, a source close to the young All-Star told The Post simply that ‘Ben is good.’

"Of course, the Nets might not have much choice in the matter. Simmons didn’t play at all last season, citing first mental health and then back issues. While he did have surgery and is on schedule to be ready for training camp, according to a source, one league source said there was no chatter about the Nets actively shopping Simmons, while two said there was little market for him.”

Simmons is ready to return to the court after a tumultuous exit from the Philadelphia 76ers. He's set to prove doubters wrong, and whether it is with Durant and Irving or without them, the playmaker appears to be ready to lead the Nets to at least the 2023 NBA playoffs. Of course, this could change if the Nets receive a compelling offer and need to get rid of Simmons, but right now, he's part of the squad.