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Channing Frye Compares Stephen Curry To Iron Man: "Steph Is Like Iron Man. He Built Himself."

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Steph iron man

Stephen Curry is often viewed as superhuman, due to his insane abilities on the court. Curry often makes ridiculous shots from way beyond the 3PT line, and even when he's finishing inside, he often makes crazy circus shots. Some people may believe that it is due to luck, but the reality is simply that Stephen Curry has put a lot of hours into his craft, and has developed his game to a superstar level.

Channing Frye became an NBA champion in 2016 when the Cleveland Cavaliers managed to beat Stephen Curry. He knows firsthand how devastating Stephen Curry could be to a defense. On an episode of The Dan Patrick Show, Frye was asked to describe Stephen Curry to someone who's never seen him play. Frye talked about Curry's influence on the game, and compared Curry to Iron Man, as he claimed that Stephen Curry built himself into what he is.

Oh man, I would say imagine a guy that could show up on any court, and probably not be picked first but then would never leave the court, cause he is gonna win every single game. Like he, he is not big, he is not extremely fast; he is not extremely athletic but yet he is no 1 or 2, depending on how old you are the most influential people, person in the NBA in the last 10-20 years.

Steph’s greatest superpower is his skill. Steph is like ironman, like he built himself, like he worked on that, and he has this innate ability, like shooting is something that everyone can do yet he does it so well,

There is no way that you become the greatest shooter of all time without putting in the work: self-built. Iron Man is a self-built superhero, as he created the suit that makes him one. The comparison is fairly apt from Frye. There are many good shooters and good scorers in the NBA: but Stephen Curry does is simply on another level to the rest of the playing field.